Oct 20

Catherine the Great - Design Ideas


So regarding the design part for the project, I started looking up the various ways timelines could be expressed. I wanted our timeline to stand out. I didn’t want it to look common and boring, but rather, unique and eye-catching.

I found a few designs that caught my attention and then added my own personal touch to it here and there. The sketches I made were ideas for the design that I thought would make it look interesting.

I put myself in my audience’s position and thought of a design that would catch my attention and pull me to pick it up. So, I thought that instead of having a brochure in the common square or rectangular shape, we could make it look different. The shape in the sketches, allows for unique positioning of images/quotes that would go into the brochure. Also, the shape allows the images/quotes to be seen even when the brochure is closed.



I also thought we could include a mini Fun Fact booklet that would slip into a small pocket at the back.


I plan to discuss these ideas with my partner and see how we can move further with our project.

Oct 16

Visit to the Museums

24th September, 2014

My phone without a network = A potato.

Hey guys,

So today was fun! (Despite me loosing my way to the V&A. Trust me, I’m like a blind goldfish without my phone) But anyway, we met Peter Smith today! He’s our project leader/professor and from what I’ve seen, he’s a fun guy. For our first meet, he planned to take Noor and myself out to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum to understand and explore the different aspects of Communication Design.

image     image

We visited an exhibition called ‘Disobedient Objects’ where we learnt how important signs, symbols and objects were in aiding the voice of political movements. I particularly liked the strength behind the idea of ‘The Guerrilla Girls’ (1985) which showcased three female mannequins including their gorilla masks along with their famous poster protesting the lack of representation of female artists in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.



We then walked over to the Science Museum to visit an exhibition by Joan Fontcuberta called ‘Stranger than Fiction’. This one really got me excited! It was one of THE BEST exhibitions I’ve been to! I actually started to doubt myself and the world around me as we walked through the whole thing.



In his exhibition, for example, he introduces to us, creatures that are a mix of two completely different animals. He uses photographs of the creatures and the related research done, along with 3D stuffed figures and voice recordings to pull us into believing that those creatures were actually REAL! Joan Fontcuberta tries to show us that in our world, photographs pose as a sense of proof and that we must not believe everything we see just because it’s in a museum. (Spoiler - If you’re like me, you will realise this only once you reach the video at the end of the exhibition.)


We then went to the cafe at the Museum so Peter could introduce to us our FIRST PG 02 PROJECT. Our project title was ‘Flow’ (just like the rest of the courses) but in our case, we had to design a Timeline on any historical figure. We started brainstorming who we would do the Timeline on as the design would depend on the person we chose. I thought of a few people such as; Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, King Louis XVI, Bruce Lee etc. I wanted to choose a famous person, so that people would be pulled into reading more about their life story.

I mentioned a few to Noor but she suggested we do the Timeline on ‘Catherine the Great’. I had no idea who she was at first, but since history was Noor’s strength, I agreed. We then decided to divide the work according to our strengths; Noor - Research, Me - Timeline Design (and that was the last night I got a good night’s sleep! Haha!)



First PG 01 Class - Research Processes

23 September, 2014

"Do you know what your final Master’s Research Project will be?"

Hi guys,

This was my first PG 01 class and it has already started sending shivers down my spine! Thoughts like “No! I don’t know! I have absolutely NO CLUE of what my FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT will be!”, kept going through my mind and I really hope it didn’t show on my face!

Luckily, listening to the fact that even my classmates didn’t have a clear idea of their thesis topic, gave me a sense of relief. But their thoughts, ideas and passions helped my brain to jumpstart straight to what I wanted to do!

During our Induction Week, we were introduced to 3D Prototyping/Printing. This is something that I had just heard of, but seeing and learning about it (and also receiving a miniature 3D fridge magnet of myself) simply BLEW MY MIND! I couldn’t wait to learn and explore more about it!

I started researching more on 3D Printing.

What it can do… What it cannot… Where it is used… Wether it is misused… What its advantages and disadvantages may be… What it may be able to do in the future… etc. etc.

I watched a few videos and read articles that astounded me of the possibilities of 3D Printing. This inspired me to take it on as my Master’s Research Project. But I wanted it to scream ME! I wanted it to be personal. That’s when it hit me - 3D Personalisation. It will be the evolution from “selfies” to “sHaPiEs”!


“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop.” — Confucius